Textile Art Textile 1

Textile Art Textile 1

New book 128 pages in full colour. Bi-lingual book. £19,95

Textile art and creative embroidery are increasingly popular and there are more and more books on the subject constantly exploring new techniques, materials and products. But we tend to forget that beginners also need to know the things that are so often taken for granted. New experimental books open the horizons for many who are already well on the road to successful textile work, but can also close doors for those who feel left behind.

In this series of books Val Holmes sets out a course to follow or individual chapters on different techniques for those who wish to know more about those areas.

This first book includes tried and tested techniques that help beginners with their first successful results. The methods are clearly explained, and further experiments are suggested so you can gradually find your own pathway enjoying and creating in textile media and embroidery.

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