In 2005 I started experimenting with collagraphy using Claude’s printing presses to create prints from composed and embroidered plates.

Prints with flowers as their inspiration

Prints with walls and remembering as their inspiration

In 2012 I wrote a book on collagraphy published in the UK by Batsford under the title

Collage, Stitch, Print Collagraphy for Textile Artists

This is a lovely hardback book with a cloth cover

and in the USA by Interweave as

Print with Collage and Stitch Techniques for mixed media Printmaking.

A paperback, but as someone pointed out, useful for getting dirty in the studio! I really like the American title!

here is what they say on the back of the American book

The enthralling popularity of collagraphy is taking textile and mixed media artists to new heights! In her innovative book Print with Collage & Stitch expert embroidery teacher Val Holmes will teach you this popular new technique, and you’ll explore everything you need to know about the exciting effects of incorporating seemingly endless permutations of collage, stitch, and print into your own stitched-textile work.

Inside you’ll also discover invaluable and beautifully illustrated information on embroidered collagraphy plate making, choosing the right printing surface, combining paper and fabric, embroidering onto prints and working in a series. In addition to exciting collagraphy techniques, you’ll get an in depth look into monoprinting and learn how to incorporate common textile art techniques into serial monoprints.

Print with Collage and Stitch is your ultimate reference guide to this simple yet fundamental mixed-media technique for producing highly sophisticated and complex_looking surface effects.

The English version says:

Introducing the hottest technique for textile artists today:collagraphy or printing from collage

Packed with hints, tips and exercises exploring how to use collagraphic printing in your own work, both with and without a press

Discover the endless ways in which print,collage and stitch can be combined tocreate fresh and excitng textile work.

Well there you go!!!!! I’m really pleased with the book. I’m sure it will help anyone wishing to persue this technique and might even help those who do not!!

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